Friday, September 24, 2010


If you like word games (think Scrabble or Boggle) you will LOVE this game. It is easy to play (even the kids played it at the beach) and VERY ADDICTIVE. I even have the App for my ITouch now. It is called Bananagrams, and it is soo much fun!

I think it is better than Scrabble, because I am easily intimidated by Scrabble. With Bananagrams - you can make all 3-letter words with no penalty. Basically you get a bunch of tiles and create your own scrabble-type board in front of you. When you use all your tiles you say "peel" and grab another tile. The other players must also take another tile. It continues until all the tiles are gone - the first to use theirs wins. Easy peasy. As I said, even the kids play it. I now own 2 sets - one for home and one for the RV. I highly recommend it for some simple fun!

I have not been compensated or in any way provided any benefit for this review, but if Bananagrams wants to contact me, I love their game!

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