Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been feeling very overwhelmed recently. And I can't quite figure it out because life is actually a little less crazy right now. The kids are back in school (cutting down on the crazy - which camp are they in this week of summer), they haven't started any extra-curriculars yet - although they do next week; so really - what is so overwhelming?

I think part of it is my to do list, which is always huge but is big enough to go into categories these days! Stuff with the house is crazy - get vents checked/redone; deal with lawn/jungle; declutter, declutter, declutter; organize closets; get cool weather clothes out; get porch painted; interior painted; etc. The list keeps growing. Then there is my constant fitness/weight loss battle. I was doing sooo well June and July then just fell apart in August/Sept. Trying desperately to get back on track. Thing I want to do - get piano lessons for the girls, possibly private swimming for Big Man. Work on reading with the girls (beyond nighttime reading), and letters/numbers with Big Man. And on top of it, I am tired. I went to bed last night at 9:30 and still struggled up at 6:30. Arghh.

I think I just haven't gotten into my fall groove yet. Kids have only been back at school 2 weeks. Hopefully I will get it back soon!

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