Monday, September 27, 2010

Its a Pirate Party

Big Man decided he wanted to wait a few weeks and have his 4th bday party when we were at the beach with our friends. This was fantastic news to me, as it would be so much easier to plan. And, even better - there were exactly 12 children. Can you say Oriental Trading?

The kids each got an eye patch, a sword, and a telescope. Then we sent them on a scavenger hunt (in 3 teams) around the house. There were 5 clues in all. The first had them jumping to the bottom of the pool (cannonballs are a favorite of pirates) to retrieve pieces of eight; then spying a jolly roger hidden across the street on a neighboring property; eating pirate booty (popcorn) to find a clue; searching the galley for treasure (under a dining chair); and lastly reporting to Pirate Bluebeard (daddy) to collect 15 doubloons (Big Man still says "balloons) to receive the treasure (pinata). The clues were all written in pirate speak and they had fun tracking down everything.

Then we did the pinata, which was a big hit, and filled with nearly everything pirate Oriental Trading sells. The cake (which mom tried to make from scratch, but ended up crafting from store-bought pound cake) was a big hit! Lastly, they made their own oceans-in-a-bottle.

All in all a very fun party, and pretty easy to do!

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Jill said...

There's a site called party like a kid on facebook and it has a .com that would love your party info. They are looking for creative parties for kids!