Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Man by Any Other Name

So apparently Big Man has a very common name. I mean, I don't think its common, but in our daycare - in HIS classroom of what 11 kids - there are now 3 kids in his class with the same first name AND the same last initial!!!! Seriously! There were already two of them and yesterday at drop off I see parents with a cute little 4-month old. I ask what his name is, and when they tell me I say "well at least your last name doesn't start with "b""...they say, uh, yeah, it does. I couldn't believe it. What are the chances??!! I mean, his name didn't even make it in the top 50 names for 2007. Really bizarre. Good thing I have always called him Big Man, and the whole center calls him Big Man, cuz it would get really confusing really fast.

Course when he is 5 and weighs 75 lbs, Big Man probably won't be that cute anymore. Hopefully his kindergarten class will have less kids with his name, so maybe we could actually use it.


Shari said...

I've been lucky enough with my daughter that there has never been another one in her class. With my son there was another Ian at his last day care but so far so good. EVEN if it is one of the top names for 2007. Sigh.

Laura said...

funny how names cycle like that!

Mrs. G. said...

Big Man does have a nice ring.