Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Life Easier

We all need things to make our lives a little easier. I have a few.
1) laundry - I have someone who comes in every two weeks and does 6-8 loads of laundry, folds, and puts the kids stuff away. I know this sounds totally frivolous. I mean, I can do laundry. And I did (and do). But putting it away just never seemed to happen. When we got home from work, we had catching up, homework, playing, dinner, baths to do. After that the kids were asleep and I didn't want to wake them putting their stuff away. This REALLY helps. 2) Dinner Done. This is a dinner-prep place, and I love it. The food is great, and I LOVE not having to think about dinner. Now I just look at my list of foods from my freezer, and on Sunday nights, plan it out on my calendar. Which leads me to
3) My weekly calendar. This is a BIG calendar that hangs in my kitchen. Everything goes on it - meal plans, school events, classes, work commitments, ticketed events, etc. Helps me see what is going on in one glance. 4) house cleaner. Normally, we have someone that comes in 2x month and takes care of general cleaning - bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, dusting, changing sheets on beds, etc. Our most recent one moved away a month ago, and we are still without one. This I must get on soon! These are what Work for Me!

What kinds of things do you to make your life easier?


Misty said...

i covet your laundry assistance. I am with you. putting it away, NEVER happens... and I hate that!

Lil Mouse said...

wow. how much do you pay someone to come in and do your laundry?

carrie said...

Oh, I hear you on the laundry issue. I love (well, don't LOVE, but get some degree of satisfaction) doing it -- just hate putting it away!

What I wouldn't give to have someone come and actually complete my tasks! :)

And those dinner prep places are a lifesaver! I've even given people gift certicifates to them.