Monday, July 28, 2008

Berries Berries Everywhere

On Saturday I took the girls berry picking. We went to the same farm we did strawberry picking last month. It wasn't too hot a day, so it was really fun. First, all three of us picked blueberries. Oh my goodness they were so good. Not as big as the berries we picked last year, but oh so yummy. Then B and I went and picked blackberries (K rested in the shade under a tree). These blackberries were so sweet and SOOOO big! Like Silver Dollar big. Delicious! B and I also tried raspberries. But it is very early in the season for raspberries, and they were difficult to find ripe and there were lots of thorns, so we probably picked about 20. Lastly, K and I went to the flower garden and picked flowers. We got a huge bunch that we put in 3 vases when we got home.

On Sunday the girls and I made pies. We made blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry (from the frozen stash we picked last month) pie. We made one large pie, and three small pies. YUM YUM YUM. On my diet, I only had one bite- but tonight I get to have a piece! The girls wouldn't eat them (an entirely other post altogether), but they smelled and looked awesome! I love berry pies because you don't have to do anything to them. Just add a little cornstarch, sugar, and lemon juice - and pour them in the crust. They have all the flavor themselves. Can't wait for my piece tonight!!

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Laura said...

Sounds yummy! Hope you got lots of photos berry picking and kids is always fun!