Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's called PINK eye, People!

So my lovely daycare sent Big Man home with "pink eye" yesterday. And he couldn't come back without a doctor's note. I was sure he didn't have pink eye and when we saw him - with bright white (albeit gunky) eyes - I knew he didn't have pink eye. You see, they call it "pink eye" because when you have it there is discharge and your eyes are PINK. His were not at all.

Instead, like his sister before him, Big Man's nasal passages and tear ducts are closely related. So along with a runny nose, he sometimes gets runny gross eyes. His sister did it too. What he does have is a cold. And, as it turns out after a dr's visit, a double ear infection. Poor thing. He has been in a great mood - so hard to believe. And, ANNOYING considering the poor guy has ear tubes. This would be his third bout with ear infections since getting the tubes in October. My poor Big Man.

But -- ear infections are NOT contagious you crazy day care people!

We are keeping him home today while the antibiotics take hold and he is on the mend. But seriously, they are starting to make me crazy. I am all in favor of not spreading disease, but its driving me up a wall.

Rant mode = over


ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

Our old day care would jump at the chance to send a kid home for "being sick." It was so frustrating. I am theirst to keep my child home for a real illness but please....

Laura said...

I hate it when they do that...I understand when things can spread...but how can they make a diagnosis and keep him away after Dr says it is his ears.

Poor little man. Hope he feels better soon.

My girlfriend's little guy may be getting tubes, any feedback you can give me would be appreciated since she is very leary of the surgery.


Sending you positive health vibes.

pixie4bears said...

Sometimes they just go over the top!
I hope his ears heal soon. poor thing.