Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crafty Weekend

Over the weekend, I worked on a few crafts projects I've had stewing in my head.

First, shrinky dinks. Do you remember these from your childhood? I used to love them, my husband had never done them before. Anyway, I recently read a blog that showed that any #6 recycleble plastic is shrinky dink plastic. This is the plastic containers you get from salad bars and stuff like that. I wanted to make the girls a special something to think of me while I am in Paris. So I used shriky dink paper to make some charms like these:

Aren't they cute? Just cut out the plastic, color on it with sharpies, punch a hole, cook for 1 minute, and wala! I plan to put them on a necklace or bracelet for the girls. I am also doing an Eiffel tower charm.

I also want to make the girls personalized Disney autograph books for our trip in November. I know it is early, but I was too excited to work on these. I really wanted ones where they could get autographs on one page, and have room to attach a picture to the opposing page. Here are a few pages I have started.

So that's what I have been working on, how about you?


Courtney said...

Oh my, those Disney books are TOO CUTE!!! I'll have to remember that when we go to Disney in 2010. Cute shrinky dinks too! I was just thinking the other day that I haven't done shrinky dinks since I was a kid and that the boys might have fun with that. I didn't know you could use any #6 plastic, thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Hey! You're supposed to wait for me to do those disney autograph books!

pixie4bears said...

Those look really cute! You craft so well.