Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmastime Is Here

We have been being very Christmasy for the last few days.

Over the weekend I took the girls to a local production of the Nutcracker. It was a big step up from the very streamlined production we saw last year. This had scenery, and all the acts, and gorgeous costumes. We all loved it.

On Tuesday I found this great website that lists local houses with over-the-top christmas decorations. It was awesome! We went to about 6. The best were the house with probably 150 inflatables and a porch full of decorations. We got out and were able to walk all through it - very cool. Then the most beautiful house I have ever seen. SOOO tasteful! They even broadcast on their own FM station with synchronized music. We got out and stood in front for about 15 minutes. Truly spectacular!!
Then on Wednesday, we went to see the Water-skiing Santa. Oh yeah. There was a Frosty in a dinghy that got chased by the Grinch on a waterski. Then some elves, and a penguin (and a panda?!), and finally the reindeer leading Santa (all on water skis!). Really funny.

Then of course, we went out for Christmas dinner, and to church (where the kids were great). Before bed we called Norad and talked to a very nice elf who assured us that Santa was presently in South America but would arrive in Arlington, VA in just a few hours so we needed to get to bed ASAP.

We had a fabulous Christmas morning and day with family and friends. And then last night we all went down the National Christmas tree so the kids could throw pennies in the trains that run around it.
All in all a perfect Christmas holiday. Hope you and yours had an equally delightful time!

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