Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Little Boy

Everyday at daycare we get a summary of what the kids today. One day last week, we got the best one EVER.

"Today Big Man and his lady friends had a birthday party in the housekeeping area. They each had a piece of birthday cake, a cup of tea, and celebrated with their babies (dolls) on their laps."

hee hee. Lady friends. I love that. My DH said he agreed it was cute, until he got the baby doll part. Hee hee... i love that.

He is all boy (give him a toy and the first thing he will do is smash it to the ground), but man enough to play with the ladies and their dolls. I love my Big Man.


Laura said...

How friggin' cute is that????

AmyBow said...

Wouldn't you like them to send home pictures of your little stud and his harem?

Dan & Duffy said...

Jewell Xmas letter also referred to lady friends - maybe the phrase is just up and coming

Stephanie said...

I think we were the lady friends :)