Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Pajama Time

Last week K had "spirit day" at school where she got to wear pajamas all day. In the morning she had a panic attack that she would be the only one in pjs when we got to school. I promised her that other kids would be wearing pjs - and even the principal. She thought that was hysterical that the principal would be in pjs. Then on Sunday, K and B were in their Church pageant. B was playing a "pajama kid". It meant she got to wear pajamas in the play and she was very psyched. Then B had "pajama day" at preschool. She was bummed that she couldn't wear her footy pajamas (I said she had to be able to wear shoes), but loved being in her nightgown all day. Luckily it was 60 degrees here today and they even got to play outside in the jammies.

I wish I could go to work in my jammies one day!

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Justice Fergie said...

here here! and if they would throw in nap time at my job, that would be even better.

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