Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day

We had the first real snow yesterday. And it wasn't much - an inch or two (which is now covered in ice!). But the kids loved it. Here they are playing when we got home from work/school (in the dark!).
And of course it had to be followed up with hot chocolate. Except they don't like hot chocolate. (well, Big Man does). So we had Disney colored "hot chocolate drink" - it comes in pink, blue and purple and tastes more like hot vanilla. But only Big Man liked his - but they all liked the idea, which I guess is what counts. DH finished the girls ones for them!


emily said...

So fun! My girls like the idea of hot chocolate and chocolate milk, but just eat the marshmellows off the hot chocolate and don't even take a sip of the milk! So funny.

Justice Fergie said...

funny - my kids are completely uninterested in hot chocolate too. where do you get the Disney stuff?