Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting the New Year off Right I kinda fell of the exercising wagon back in November. I had my annual convention, followed by our Disney trip, then Thanksgiving - where I caught a horrible cold, that lasted until like, last week, then Christmas, etc. All lovely excuses.

But now I am back. I started it off with 2 hours of ice skating on Saturday(which while I suck at, I don't actually fall down) with my girls and a friend. Let me tell you - ice skating for 2 hours while trying to hold up a four year old is hard work! I was pretty wiped.
Then yesterday we went bowling (ok, not so much exercise) with friends, and then I used my brand new Wii Fitness Coach that hubby bought us! Yay! I did the training exercise so it could figure out just how pathetic I am, and then did a short yoga workout. Not bad for a Sunday.

This morning I got up earlier and got hammered by Jillian on the 30-day Shred. Killer. Tonight I want to try a custom work out on Fitness Coach.
I can't run for another week, as I am on the carb-deplete cycle of my diet, but at least I am starting off in the right place!


BananaBlueberry said...

good for you!

I'm going to take my son ice-skating- good idea;

as for the no-carbs thing- it's great -
you'll drop pounds fast.

Happy New Year!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

This is about 105% more effort than I've been making to get in shape! And I am the worst ice skater ever. I can't pick my ankles up off the ice.