Monday, February 9, 2009

It's My Blog-iversary!!!

Ok, not really. It was yesterday. I was too tired to do a post. How sad.

We had a crazy weekend. We redecorated Big Man's room this weekend - complete with a "big boy bed". Said bed is blue and shaped like a race car (acquired on Craigslist). It completely violates my prohibition on toddler beds. I always thought toddler beds were a colossal waste of money and time cuz then you have to transition from a crib, to a toddler bed, and then finally to a twin bed. Plus all the sheets and stuff you have to buy. But it was such a cute bed, and Big Man has a tiny room, so what the hell. We farmed the kids out to Nana on Friday night and started prepping and painting. We did that until about 11:30 on Friday before crashing. Then Sat morning we did a final coat and touch-ups, replaced the doors (YAYY!! I HATED the mirrored closet doors in his room that took up the entire back wall!), decorated, and wala! Finished about 4pm Saturday - in time to run to the grocery store before cooking dinner for 9 adults and 9 kids who came over at 5:30. Yeah. Luckily it was just pasta with this awesome Rachel Ray vodka tomato cream sauce - yummy! Yesterday was church/Sunday school, a playdate, baking from hell for this week's bake sale at daycare, gymnastics, home, dinner, bed. I am wiped out.

Tomorrow will have a post of Big Man's room. Sadly I forgot to take "before" pictures, but may be able to cobble some together from general pics taken in his room.


Allison said...

You go girl! - busy indeed! Redecorating is always "fun". I bet big man is so happy. You are a good mama.

Mordermi said...

I'm glad you are happy with the doors...I told you those things always take longer to do than you think...but fortunately they usually don't take as long as I fear they will. :-)

Justice Fergie said...

happy blog-iversary!

the room looks great. we looove our toddler beds. if it's any comfort, chatterbox is STILL in her toddler bed and she's 4 1/2.

your weekend sounds exhausting. hopefully this weekend will be less busy!