Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Bargain Shopping

Since I have been losing weight, my clothes have stopped fitting. Not a bad problem to have - except I don't want to spend a lot of money on the step down clothes, so until I figure out where I am going to stay, I want to wait to buy clothes. So what to do? I have had lots of luck at Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross. But my best deals have been at Goodwill. yes! Goodwill!

I have found 3 suits so far at Goodwill - two for $10 each and one for $5!! And I have gotten great compliments on them from people at work. These are nice suits (one Anne Taylor, one Calvin Klein, other I can't remember). I have spent more to dry clean these suits than it cost to purchase them!!!

I have learned you may have to go to a few Goodwills to find the "good" ones - and it is still very hit or miss. But for those types of bargains it is definitely worth giving it a shot, I think!


Laura said...

Ya for you - isn't it a great feeling to have to buy new smaller clothes?!?!?! I love that feeling.

You got some great deals - I have been shopping second hand as is the only way to go!

A negaitive to loosing weight, is the expence of replacing clothes...but that is forgotten with the postive of all the compliments!

Lil Mouse said...

my clothes are either swallowing me or feeling too tight depending on if its my swollen upper half or dwindling lower half we're considering at the moment. it sucks. but i have progressed to being able to wear shirts every day, far cry from 2 weeks ago when I couldnt even fasten the cups on my bra between feedings. life is funny.

anyway, get some walmart or kmart or target tshirts or blouses to go under your suits. you wont have to pay as much and you can pass them on to goodwill and not feel too bad about it if you dont want them later on!