Friday, February 6, 2009

Report Card Riddles

So K got her report card from First Grade this week. It was all good. "K a joy to have in class" blah blah blah.

DH and I have been a bit concerned about her reading - which she is still struggling with. When I asked her teacher for the name of the Reading Specialist - she told me that K was doing great - right at grade level and I shouldn't be concerned. DH and I also know that K is doing really well with math. At home she adds multiple digit numbers using columns and carrying, etc. Advanced stuff for first grade.

So we get the report card which says "reading at grade level, comprehension excellent." It goes on to say "Her only weakness is recalling details and key facts about the story." Ummm..isn't that what comprehension is??? I think her comprehension is awful cuz she is too busy concentrating on sounding out the words.

Teacher also says she is at level for math. Really? She can add five-digit numbers in columns, using carrying. Given what I have seen from her homework - that is way ahead.

I am just concerned that maybe her teacher doesn't know her so well. Thoughts? I already emailed and reiterated our desire to talk to the reading specialist. Maybe I should talk to the math specialist too? Or am I getting worked up over nothing?

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