Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In their Shoes

So what is the deal with kids shoes. I really don't understand it. First there are "toddler" shoes. They go from size 2-13. Then you move to "kids" shoes, which start at 1 and go up. When do they merge with adult sizes??? I am so confused. Do they go all the way up through kids sizes first, then adult? If so, I would think they enter adult at size 6-7 or something. Anyone get this???


Lil Mouse said...

Well, for me I went straight from a '1' to a '5' in women's. most likely you could skip 2, 3, 4 for your girls. You could just have the people wherever you buy your shoes measure on the adult's side as well, just remember that kids shoes are wider than adults shoes, to give kids feet room to grow. I have lucked with many size 4s or 4 1/2s when I couldn't fit into a women's 6 because it was too long and they didn't make wides in a 5 or 5.5. therefore, I have no shoes!

Valerie said...

I do not get this either. I ran into the same problem while looking for my grandson a pair of shoes. He is only two and it was a little confusing. I am hosting an Ornament Swap if you're interested in joining. I hope you do!! Have a blessed day!