Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Life - Written Down

So in preparation for our great vacation next week, I am writing down everything I can think of about the kids schedule to help out my mother in law. Obviously, the simple things like lessons (when they are, where they are, etc) are on there - but also what day each has PE (must wear sneakers), if they are buying/bringing lunch, etc. Honestly. You don't realize how crazy your life is until you have to write it out. How is there space for another thought in my head - I have no idea!


Stephanie said...

I should have given you my template for Josh for when I go on business trips!

Lil Mouse said...

And your husband couldn't do it, right? I love how my husband would forget the smallest thing, he's amazingly on top of things, and he's ticked if I forget something, but he has a leaky brain when it comes to a lot of things, dates, times, appointments. He knows there's an appt because I put it on his calendar and it emails him 3 times to let him know, once a week before so he can schedule time off, once the day before, and once a few hours before (if he will be at work). The reminder usually helps, but it will be interesting to see if he will be able to remember to get a backpack packed, notes signed, shoes in the bag, etc. for everything in a few years. He's just NOT that detail oriented!