Monday, October 12, 2009

My Little Boy Never Ceases to Amaze

About a week or so ago, Big Man decided he was potty trained. We had not started really working on this - were waiting for later this fall. But he literally woke up one morning and declared he was not wearing diapers. Daycare had told us they were more than ready to work with him ( I think he was the only one in diapers in his class), so we said, Ok. Packed up a bunch of clothes and underwear and off he went. He had a couple accidents the first few days. But that was it.

The scary thing was that he decided he wasn't going to wear diapers at night either. I explained to him that I was so proud of him and he was doing great - but his body might not be ready yet, and he might sleep through it. He insisted. I insisted. He work diapers 2 more days, and woke up dry both. So he is in underwear 24/7 now. UNBELIEVABLE! I expect some fall-backs in the next few weeks, but man, that was easy. (did I just curse myself??!)

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