Thursday, February 22, 2007

Finally giving in to the Crackberry gods...

So about a year ago my office decided to get everyone at my level a Blackberry. I resisted, I protested, and I just said no. They said, OK, if you don't want one, we won't make you. Pretty much everyone got one except me and one other person. the last 2 months work has been CRAZY and my life has been INSANE! And I realized. I am a working mom with three kids. My life is not likely to be "normal" (whatever that is) for at least 20 years. I might as well give it up. So I did.

I have been thinking I could use one since my little guy was in the hospital last month. Then I thought -- well, that was just an anomaly. But with three kids, as one friend said, my life is anomaly. Since the hospital stay there were definitely a number of times when I thought, "if I just had a blackberry". But I was still resisting, because I don't want to be accountable to work 24/7. This weekend sealed the deal for me. I had an issue going on where I had to decide about a whether or not to go on a business trip. I asked my direct boss and she suggested I email our big boss -- this was Saturday morning. I emailed him was the long weekend. I didn't hear back until we were at work on Tuesday. I thought, OK, if he's a VP and he doesn't check his Blackberry all the time, then I certainly can't be expected to! So I ordered it. It is coming on Monday.

One of my colleagues said I will love it when I am on my way to a restaurant and want to make a quick Open Table reservation. She also said its a great way to find playgrounds when you are out and about. We'll see..

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