Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Keeping the Germs at Bay...

So my 4.5 year old daughter recently underwent a clinical trial involving yogurt. She drank a yogurt drink once a day for 90-days. She was not allowed any other yogurt and could not skip even one day. The goal was to show that the active cultures in this yogurt helped to prevent illness in kids.

I am a true believer. In the 90-days she was on the drink (similar to DanActive), she didn't have one cold, one illness, one runny nose -- nothing. This is a kid who is in institutional daycare 5-days a week. During the same period her sister, with whom she shares a bedroom (and just about everything else) had a cold and a runny nose constantly. Her baby brother was hospitalized with RSV. She had NOTHING.

Now, the whole family(except the baby who is only 6-months) drinks DanActive every single day. It is not cheap -- and buying 4 cases a week (7bottles times 4) gets to be alot. But I think it is totally worth it.

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