Thursday, February 8, 2007


Wow...a blog. Well, you know, I don't have enough to do. Seriously, though..i don't have time for a therapist, so maybe this will be my way to vent.

As is probably apparent, I am a mom of three (currently all under the age of 5!!!). I work full-time as a Washington lobbyist (ok, I just lost anyone who was bothering to read!), have a wonderful husband of 10 years, and an AMAZING group of girlfriends. I also have a supportive family, especially my MIL, who lives locally and helps our family survive! I love to read, love TV (and TIVO!!) and am a craft-a-holic. My current one is scrapbooking, which I adore. Other recent (but not current) obsessions have been knitting and stained-glass. I also really like Geo-caching, although I am new it at. It is really cool, and something fun to do with kids.

Hmm..that's me. Basically, like so many others, I am trying hard to be a mom, a working woman, and have a life besides. Yeah, have it all. Why not??!!

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