Monday, February 26, 2007

Watching (some of) the Oscars

So I stayed up to watch the Oscars last night. Ok, I only made it 'til 11pm, which means I missed many of the big awards. But given that I only saw a few of the films (the Queen, Little Miss Sunshine), I really didn't care about the awards. I was all about the fashion. I have to say everyone did pretty well this year. And by everyone, I mean the women. I don't get the point of commenting on men's tuxedos. For me, you either wore a tuxedo and looked fine, or didn't wear a tuxedo and looked like you were trying to hard to be nonchalant. Back to the women -- Nicole Kidman looked awesome. So did Kate Winslet. I didn't think there were any disasters. Jennifer Hudson, who I so want to love, didn't look good. Until she performed (which I slept through, but have seen clips of). The red dress was fantastic. She should have worn that and dumped the brown number.

Did anyone else notice that the two male commentators on the red carpet during "Road to the Oscars" were significantly overweight? I only say it because, as someone who shouldn't talk, you know that the network would never have put a similarly hefty woman out there. Seriously, with the exception of Star Jones (who was a mistake on so many levels), all the women who commentate on the Oscars or other Hollywood issues (or really are on tv in almost any capacity), are like a size 2. Although I read now that a size 2 is big, and really you need to be less than a zero. Whatever. I just noticed that the two gentleman doing fashion commentary were big. And they would never have let a woman that big get the gig. That's all I'm saying...

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