Thursday, March 27, 2008

And soon I'll be wondering if he'll ever shut up!

So my Big Man is a late talker. At almost 20 months, he has about 6 words - Mama, Dada, done, ball, thank you, and dinner (only said at about 50 decimals, the way Mama yells it to the girls). This week we started the process to try and get him early intervention services through our county health dept. He seems to be developing in all the other ways - cognitive, small motor, gross motor, etc. He understands plenty, just doesn't speak English much. He points and grunts constantly. He talks all the time. Its just incoherent stuff to our ears. And he is getting to the point where is REALLY frustrated. He will stand in front of you shouting a sentence over and over and get so pissed off when you don't understand. I had talked to our Pediatrician at his 18-month checkup and she said she thought he was fine, but if we were interested, she'd be happy to refer us to early intervention. She suggested we give it a few months.

After talking to DH, we decided they call it early intervention for a reason, and why wait? We had the preliminary meeting with them this week. It went well - it was the part where we fill out lots of forms, sign lots of stuff, and get informed about our rights and the process. I'm actually excited for the evaluation, which is in about a month. Hopefully he starts talking more before it happens, but if not I feel like we may be able to get him some help.

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dml91hokie said...

Don't do it. You'll regret it ;) Seriously. I hope you end up with good people like we did. The people in early intervention seem to really want to help the little guys. And the kids respond. Good luck.