Monday, March 31, 2008

"Event"-full weekend

So this was a CRAZY weekend for us! Friday night we had a sitter and went to a movie - yay! Saturday we had an arts festival at K's school where she was singing. Then we ran from there home to go to the first Nationals game at the new stadium - an exhibition with the Orioles. We left Big Man at home, and we took the girls and Nana. It was a cool night - but we had gloves, mittens, and blankets so we weren't too cold. The girls did GREAT! B was more interested than I have ever seen her in the game. They both prefer the President's race to the actual baseball game, but this time B really got into it. 2 funny moments - on the shuttle bus to the park, B was talking about how she was so excited to see the game. She said she couldn't wait to see Teddy win (Roosevelt that is). The guy across the aisle was so impressed that she was that into the game. Then in the park they do lots of things to get the fans clapping. After the popular "thump-thump-clap, thump-thump-clap" B asked (in her outside voice) "mommy, how come they stopped before 'we will we will rock you'" - the people behind us totally cracked up. B wanted to clap to every thing and dance in her chair whenever the played music. I think this was our best baseball game ever. Both girls had a blast, and we lasted til the 8th inning!

On Sunday we had the circus in the morning. We went early so we could go down on the floor. The girls LOVED that. Big Man stayed in the box with Daddy (we had my company's tix) and had fun running around. All the kids were enthralled by the circus. Big Man did a lot of shouting and pointing. The girls loved the acrobats and the clowns. And Bello (the clown the the hair sticking straight up) didn't annoy me the way he did last year.

Then, last night DH and I went to opening day at the new park. It was really a GREAT time. You certainly couldn't have asked for a better game (walk off home run when score is tied at the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs!!!). It was VERY cold, but with long underwear, winter coats, gloves and a blanket we were ok. The new park is gorgeous with amazing vendors. They need to work out some kinks with transportation. We took a free shuttle bus after parking (for free) at the old stadium. Getting on was quick and easy, as was the short trip to the park. But they let you off about 5 blocks away (not great when you have little kids and Nana didn't appreciate it either); and the pickup was a mess. On Sat it wasn't bad, because we left in the 8th inning. But last night we stayed til the end, along with another 25,000 people. It was basically a just a mass of people all trying to get on the buses, with little order. There wasn't chaos or pushing or shoving or anything - but it was very disorganized. We were lucky that after 25 minutes or so a bus just stopped right in front of us and we were able to get on. But that was just sheer luck. Hopefully, they will work out all the kinks soon.


Julie said...

SOunds like a great and jam packed weekend! We're going to a game at the Nats in June - hopefully by then all the kinks will be gone! : )

Justice Fergie said...

whew! what a weekend! sounds like ours: chuck e. cheese, the movies, pumpi it up...and now i'm at work, exhausted.

glad the games were fun!!