Saturday, March 29, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

So this weekend is opening day for the Nationals. Nevermind opening "day" will be at night and it will likely be around 40 degrees. And I am trying to get over my frustration about tickets. We have been season ticket holders since the team came to DC a few years ago. We have a 20-game package, and we have 5 seats. Since the start, opening day is not included in our 20-games, but we have always been able to buy the same number of seats we have (4-5) before they went on sale to the public. Not this year. This year all 20-game season ticket holders could buy 2 tickets. End of story, period. I was so annoyed. If they didn't have enough tickets that is one thing, but they gave ALL season ticket holders free tickets to the exhibition game the night before, and there were enough.

Anyway, I am letting it all go and just getting excited about seeing baseball in our awesome new park. Go NATS!

(ps the Red Sox won their season opener in Japan earlier this week!)

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Ashley Ladd said...

Have fun anyway. Yeah, best to let it go.

Just doing the blog hoppers' thing tonight and found you. Cute blog.