Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Weekend

So this was a pretty good weekend. We got through lessons on Saturday morning (ballet and swimming), and hit the stores. I took K and Big Man to "the cookie store" - ie Harris Teeter. It is known in our house as the cookie store because they give you free cookies. My children will do anything for a cookie, and behaving in the store is how they get one. DH took B to Target to get some other stuff. We met back home in time for lunch and quick naps. I started cleaning the house for company that night. At 2:30 DH woke up the girls and took them to see Emma and the Lost Unicorn at the local children's theater. I love this place. We got 3 season tickets for like $90 and the girls have loved seeing the shows - which are put on by kids. The acting is sometimes iffy, but the girls LOVE it. One of my girlfriends says its fine as long as she treats it like person nap time. During the show, Big Man was still sleeping so I was able to start the awesome vodka tomato sauce for dinner. YUMMMM. Its a Rachel Ray recipe and it is FANTASTIC! I love it. I also got some playing time with Big Man before the girls returned.

When DH and the girls came home, on their heels were are friends who were coming for dinner. 3 women and 5 more kids. We also got an additional 2 kids we were watching overnight for our friends. We managed to get the kids eating their pasta and gigantic cupcakes (as big as their heads!) my friend brought from Costco. Seriously these were some massive cupcakes - we split them in half for the kids, and still it was a LOT! We then banished all the children to the basement to play/watch a movie, while the women had dinner (I delivered a plate to DH, who was already immersed in his online video game) and we played canasta! yay! I love card games (actually, board games too!). By 8:30 everyone had left, and our 3 kids, plus their 2 friends were in bed. The kids were loud til about 9pm, but then got quiet. When I went up at 10:30 to head to bed - the 3 year olds were still awake! The 5 and 6 year old had crashed, but those little girls were playing dress up on B's bed! I told them to go to sleep NOW or they were in big trouble.

The next morning was a little nuts. Per our rules, nobody came in our bedroom before 8am, but they were up around 7. As we were trying to shower/get dressed without exposing ourselves to a room full of kids watching cartoons on our bed, Big Man took the opportunity to wreak havoc. He managed to get into my makeup bag, pull out my favorite lipstick (a Clinque color that was a free sample and not replaceable!!!) and shove it in his ears. Yes, his ears..likely filling his lovely ear tubes with lipstick. I can barely think about it. One can only imagine why he would do this - and more importantly, after doing it in one ear - why do the other? It could not have felt good. He was covered in lipstick as was my carpet. Yay. It was the start of a banner day for him.

We got him changed, all the kids fed, and safely delivered to Sunday school. Oh yeah - not before Big Man picked up a large candle jar and smashed in on the ground. After Sunday school and out of town friend came by and we went out for brunch. Sam was a screaming meemie for most of it, but the girls were good, and we survived. The friend fled. Thankfully, it was naptime. I woke up K early to go to a mother-daughter yoga workshop. It was fun and nice to have some time with just the two of us.

When we got back, B was up and they happily played on the computer for a while. DH was fixing our car's tire and when Big Man woke up we decided to have a family dip in the hottub. So relaxing. We all enjoyed. Dinner was quesadillas in front of the tv (backyardigans), baths and bedtime. DH and I watched the end of a confusing movie, and time to hit the sack.

Actually, a somewhat typical weekend. It actually felt relaxing, but typing all that made it sound exhausting!


Julie said...

Yeah, if that is your relaxing weekend I hate to hear about your busy ones! : )

A hot tub dip sounds wonderful.

Stephanie said...

The office loved the rest of the "big as your head" cupcakes! :)

Amy W said...

You have weekends like mine!

Dan & Duffy said...

I remember meeting K at daycare and she explained that "yoga is when we take our socks off and lay on the floor."