Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's the Little Things

Sometimes its the little things I love about being a mom:

1) B, announcing as we arrive at the door of the birthday party she is going to, "Mommy, why don't I have any underwear on?"

2) Big Man, after performing a flip off my lap, standing up with big grin, arms extended saying "TA DA!"

3) Emptying out my purse at the office desperately trying to find my keys, to find instead 2 pairs of children's socks, a half-eaten lollipop, three pony-tail holders (not mine), a plastic bracelet, and the top of a sippy cup.

4) K, almost 6, still wanting to snuggle.


Misty said...

definite high lights!

Justice Jones said...

That's so nice. I pulled a pacifer out of my suit pocket once while looking for a pen. It made me smile.

Amy W said...

I am scared about what I might find in my purse...

Senior Lady said...

Print that out and:
1. tuck it in a scrap book
2. tuck it in all your scrap books
3 start your Christmas letter with it
4. frame it and hang it in your bathroom between the medicine chest with six kinds of kids meds in it and the mirror with 3 sets of kids finger prints on it that none of them should have been able to reach, but they did.
5 share it with every grandmother you know.
6. stick it in the bottem of a drawer at work to find as a nice surprise after you have forgotten about it.

7. show it to your daughters and daughter in law when they are moms.

Laura said...

All brilliant...I agree!

Meg said...

I love when my kids say the purest things. The other day when my 15 year backed out of the driveway and almost hit a tree, he said, "driving would be a lot easier if when you took your foot off the gas pedal, the car would stop instantly."

Sabrina said...

no comment on what's in my purse!

Hey, I saw you had another blog with your own personal URL. How did you do that? I need to create a blog off a website that I created and don't want to host it with a blogspot URL. Please help!

Shannan said...

It is the little things. Tonight SM told me.... Mom, you have such a big heart. Your lovely.

I melted.

3XMom said...

to sabrina --

me??!! I do??!!! I don't think I do. This is my one and only blog, hosted on blogger.

Julie said...

I can so relate to the findings in your purse!