Monday, April 28, 2008

Let Them Eat (something that is not exactly) Cake!

My girls do not like cake. Or icing. None of it. If all three of the kids didn't look exactly alike (and like my MIL) I would swear the girls were switched a birth. Big Man LOVES cake, and chocolate - like any child of mine should! But I digress.

K's birthday was last Friday. For school we wanted to bring in a cake to celebrate. But K doesn't do cake. What to do? Her teacher suggested cupcakes. I questioned if she had ever met my picky daughter. So we made a rainbow jello "cake". It was so cool! Here is a picture of the one we made:
I know! Isn't it so cool? The best part was that the teacher's used it as a lesson on color spectrum. You see - you only make the blue, yellow and red layers. It makes the orange and green itself! So COOL! The kids all like it (even the ones who think K is weird for not eating cake).

Then for her party at our house the next day, we made an ice cream "cake". Again, this was a cake without cake. It was vanilla gummy bear "cake". People were weirdly impressed: guest - "wow! How did you do that?" me- "umm..I melted 2 cartons of vanilla ice cream and layered them with two packages of gummy bears." Here is a picture of it. Truly it is self-explanatory (it even has the bowl shape):

Seriously, I am still not sure how I ended up with children who won't eat cake- but at least we're having fun with it. Wonder what we will come up with for B's birthday in 2 months??!!


Sabrina said...

That Jello cake is a work of art! Sounds like a fun project for me and the kids one weekend :) I love reading your blog, you're full of creative ideas!

Julie said...

Very creative!

Amy W said...

Love the jello cake!

Laura said...

That jello is cool...gotta try it!

Every birthday we have Meatloaf love them!

Maureen said...

Wow I have never seen that rainbow cake before! I would love to try it!

Very cool!

Blog Hoppin

Senior Mom said...

If there is a "Bestest Mom in the Whole World" award, you should definitely get it! It would have been so much easier (on you) to pick up an ice cream cake at a store and let K eat the ice cream part. Instead, you made a memory for your daughters and all the others;who knows what may appear in the "ice cream" cakes besides gummy bears in the years to come!