Friday, April 25, 2008

Where have the last 6 years gone??

My baby turns 6 today. How could this have happened? I so clearly remember being pregnant with her. Of course, its hard not to forget throwing up almost daily for 9 months. I routinely threw up in my garbage can at my desk at work, I once had to run from a speech I was giving to throw up, I threw up in the parking garage at work, and my favorite - throwing up in the passenger seat while driving (alone) on a bridge in rush hour traffic. Good times.

But seriously, I can't believe she is six. She is so amazing. She LOVES games - virtually all kinds of board games. She also likes dress up and make-believe play. She is really good at math - and is getting the idea of reading. She loves to sing (sadly, she inherited my dad's voice and sings much like he does - loudly and badly), and loves to swim. She is an excellent big sister. She is still a horrible eater, and sometimes I can see teenage angst already! But most of all she is my sweet baby girl and I love her to pieces. Happy Birthday, Sugar Pie!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday to a sweetheart of a 6 year old...and happy birthing day to a great mom! Hope you both have a wonderful day.

I too did the passenger seat throw up...ony that was 3 days after the try to stick your head out the window while drinign on the high way...did not work...made me throw up AGAIN since it was gross...


Julie said...

Happy birthday to her!