Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play By The Rules

So last week 2 of the kids were sick. On Sunday, B wasn't feeling well. So DH stayed home with her on Monday. She was still sick (really just a come and go fever and some general malaise), so I stayed home with her on Tuesday. Then around 1pm the school called to say K had a fever, so we went and got her. Thankfully, Nana came and stayed with the two of them on Wednesday, and K on Thursday (B went back to school). (Have I mentioned how much I adore my MIL recently??!! She is the BEST!) On Friday DH and I split the day.

Anyway, Thursday K seemed quite a bit more chipper (we figured she'd go to school on Fri til she woke up at dawn with a fever again - argh), and wanted to play lots of games with Nana.

Now, mind you, while she does know quite a few board games (and LOVES them), she often has her own variations on the rules (which can change through the course of the game). On this day she was also into making up her own games. After teaching Nana the rules, they were happily playing. At some point it seemed like Nana would win. K turned to her an explained that "kids should really be the ones to win because if they don't they might get sad and whiny". Nice! I guess if we haven't yet taught them to be good losers, I guess we have taught them to know what they want!


hildjj said...

K needs to learn that Nana always wins.


She controls the flow of cookies.

Sabrina said...

hehehe, too funny!

Did you get an answer to your question about where to stay in Disney? We posted a reply comment to yours :)

Amy W said...

Sounds just like my daughter...

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

That's too funny! lol!