Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping Fun

Grocery shopping with the kids almost always means "the cookie store" aka Harris Teeter. My kids will do anything for one of the free cookies they give away so we nearly always go there. But this week a Giant near our house got the "scan it" program. Has anyone else tried this? Its fun!

Basically when you go in the store you scan your "bonus card" and they give you a scanning gun. Then you scan your groceries as you put them directly in your grocery bags in your cart. Then we you checkout you just hand the scanner to the clerk - and don't even unload your groceries. You can then give coupons or whatever and you are done. So COOL! It was fun and efficient.

Apparently people will be randomly selected to check their individual grocery bags - but every once in a while that wouldn't be bad. I loved doing it, and I think it was faster.

I recommend you check it out!!

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