Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Wrap-Up

So Halloween was great! First, last weekend our neighborhood had a little parade and party for the kids. They all loved it. Then on Friday, all the kids had parades at school. K has a school parade/walk for the homeless. I got to go on it with her and it was great. Her teacher was dressed as a tree - very cool. The younger two get to trick-or-treat in the office building where the daycare is. I didn't get to go, but DH did. Big Man was hysterical. On the way into school that morning, I had his Kung Fu Panda costume in a bag. He grabbed it and would not let go - "my panda". Then when trick-or-treating, his pumpkin got so full that his teacher said it nearly weighed as much as him. But nobody else could carry it for him - "my candy". Gotta love 2 year olds.

Then we all left work/school early to get the house and all set up for evening trick-or-treat. Nana came down so both DH and I could take the kids around. We had the fog machine and scary music running in the yard. It was great. The kids had a blast going out - Big Man even did his kung fu routine for a few folks. When we got home the kids LOVED being the ones to hand out candy at the door.

On Saturday we had a Halloween party. About 45 people - split evening kids/adults. A little crazy but really fun. We had lots of theme food - bat wings (chicken wings), jumbo candy corn (cheese pizza striped to look like candy corn), mummy dogs (pigs in blanket), bones (soft pretzels), and more. It was really fun. We invited people from work and school too so it made for a fun mix of people. The kids all had a blast playing together.

Yesterday we spent the whole day de-halloweening our house. Got the yard all cleaned up and everything inside put away as well. Normally we may have waited a week, but since we will be at Disney next weekend (YAAY!) we had to get it done asap. Then K and I went on the annual hunt for after-Halloween sales to get more stuff for next year. We scored some scary skeleton fence, some more serving platters, and a few more gravestones for the yard - all at 50% off. Gotta love it!


Mordermi said...

Big Man even did his kung fu routine for a few folks.

Before someone thinks "OMG! They put their kid in Kung Fu classes at 2!!", please note that "routine" means "waved arms around a few times while grunting once". :-)

There are times when I think we go overboard for Halloween (see ref: this year's Martha Stewart Halloween smorgasbord extravaganza)...then I catch myself thinking "well, next year we need to do a dragon on the roof instead of the spider...", and I realize it's just too much fun being a big kid for those events.

AmyBow said...

I hope you have lots of video and pictures. I know they play better over and over in your mind - but in a few years that kung fu oment will be priceless.

Laura said...

Sounds like a great time. Bring on Christmas!!!! I cannot believe the stores are already packed with Christmas decorations!

Amy W said...

I would have loved to have seen your house...!