Thursday, January 24, 2013

3rd and final kids room done (sort of)

We finally finished the 3rd kids bedroom.  If I don't have to look at another paint roller for a few months, that would be good.  I say we sort of finished painting her room, because we really should still do the trim.  This room has light blue trim around the windows, doors, on the doors, and along the floor trim.  I just can't handle more painting now. But her room looks great.

Could it possible scream 8-year old girl any louder?  Love the pink and purple.  It is so very her! I think the $5 pink disco ball (Five Below) is my favorite part.   B really loves it.  Her favorites are the reading nook (chair and tent in the corner) and the disco ball.  There are also shelves that are painted pink and purple stripes, that I somehow forgot to take a picture of.

So that was our winter break renovating.  Phew.  It was exhausting, but great to have them all in their own rooms, and happy with the decor. 

next up....our kitchen....

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