Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013

ok, its 2013.  I am going to try and get back on this blogging bandwagon.  Spent the winter break doing house projects.  LOTS of house projects.  First, we had most of the downstairs painted.  That meant moving lots of junk and clearing spaces..with 48 hours notice.  It was a little nuts, but looks great!!!!  Love my new gray dining room and sage kitchen. 

Next we began the great kid bedroom switcheroo.  Big Man's bedroom was first.  We sold his awesome car bed on Craigslist.  We also sold his dresser.  We removed all the stickers from the walls (more on that later), and brought in an awesome loft tent bed with a SLIDE!  I know.  He loves it.  We moved another dresser into his closet, so all that is in the room is the bed and his train table.  We added Superman and Spiderman wall stickers, and he was good to go.  One down, not too bad.

Next we started in on K's room - a much bigger project.  We had to paint all the walls (in her choice of lime, tangerine and sky blue), and remove lots of stuff.  This had been their baby room, but for the last three years was a guest room/storage room.  Full of holiday decorations and a giant queen bed.  We moved the bed down to the other guest room (still need to get rid of the bed that was in there!), moved all the holiday stuff, removed the treadmill (to the basement), and started painting.  The small tangerine wall was pretty easy.  the lime was tricky as we needed 3 coats in some places to cover the characters I had painted on the walls when they were babies.  Weirdly, the blue was awesome! I got that paint that has the primer in it, and it covered all the paintings in one coat! SCORE!  Then we moved her furniture in, and added her accessories (LOTS Of pillows).  This picture is before drapes, that are now in.

 B's room is up next.  We moved all the furniture around and got her room staged on New Years' day, but we still have to paint it.  That will be a challenge.  the walls are currently a dark blue with paintings of princesses on two walls.  She wants light purple and bubblegum pink.  Praying the primer-colored paint will work wonders again, but imagine we will need MANY coats.  Bought the regular primer too, just in case.  Hope to get to that this weekend.

So, that is the project update from here. 

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