Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An exercise in excess

Christmas was great. Everyone got what they wanted and MORE. LOTS more. Here is the evidence. In our defense, the pile of pink boxes are the closet organizers. But all the bags and boxes, etc. All Christmas remnants. Horrifying really. The good news is that before Christmas we had the kids go through their toys and we got rid of a minivan full of stuff. Nana and Grampy took it to the Food Pantry where they volunteer and donated it. Even still, more will be going in order for it to fit into our already WAY over-burdended play room. It will be great when Big Man gets big enough that we can actually get rid of an entire class of toys. Having three kids so closely together means we have toys for all ages. From infant up to 6. We've never grown out of any of them. We are finally getting rid of the infant stuff now that Big Man is 17 months old. But really, the toy situation is out of hand.


Amy W said...

Luckily with Audrey turning two this month, we are getting rid of the baby toys. THANK GOD.

Courtney said...

I hear ya! We have a major toy problem too. I am so glad the littlest one turned 3 and we can get rid of a lot of stuff. We are in the process of making a playroom in the basement (and adding other rooms too), I can't wait for it to be finished so we can get the toys out of the living room!!!