Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Memories of the King

Yesterday while we were coming out of the freezing cold into a McDonalds, K tripped and fell on her face. How do kids do that? Do they not have the reflex that makes you put your hands out??!! Seriously, she fell hard right onto her face. I almost started laughing, except she was bleeding like crazy. (that makes me a bad mommy, I know!) Her lip and nose were both bleeding all over. The other customers at this VERY crowed McD were very nice and quickly handed us piles of napkins and wipes. She was hysterical and blood was on her coat, her pants, her sneakers and the floor. Poor thing. The line was forever, so we didn't manage to get any ice. But after a few minutes the bleeding stopped, and a vanilla milk shake seemed to make things better.

But now she has a slightly red nose and a big top left lip. I think she kinda looks like Elvis. Of course, she doesn't even know what that means.


Shar said...

As long as it's young, hot Elvis and not bloated, on the bathroom floor Elvis then she is good to go... :)

Laura said...

ohhh - that is not fun! Hope she feels better soon.

Milk shakes make everything feelbetter IMO!

Misty said...

other than a tummy ache, there is little that a milk shake couldn't make better... :)
but I don't think that makes you a bad mom.