Monday, January 14, 2008


So we needed to have phone jacks wired in our new spaces. Our contractors did some of it, but we needed the phone company to come and hook them up. This was first requested in early December. It is now mid-January and no phone jacks. So far DH has taken 3 days off from work, plus one Sunday spent waiting around all day. The first time or so they sent the wrong tech - "I'm here to fix your line" - "no, install" - "oh, I don't do that". At least 2 other times they just completely didn't show up. When DH has called he gets no resolution other than for them to write another ticket and then just not show up. It is truly ridiculous.

I looked into other local phone services - but it looks like they can't do the jack hook up - only switch existing service. Monopolies SUCK.

If anyone has a snailmail or email addess for the Board of Directors, we would LOVE it.


Julie said...

I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! Their customer service is awful - never get to talk to the same person and each call I found I had to go into lengthy recap of our problem and situation. A friend of ours did write a snail mail letter to the Verizon - he did get a response but it took 3 1/2 weeks!

hildjj said...

Too bad I'm not DC. Doing it yourself is pretty straightforward.

Justice Fergie said...

your post title made me laugh out loud.

i feel your pain. we have comcast and for a REALLY LONG TIME they sucked rocks too. and after countless "technicians" sent out to our house and numerous complaints and bill credits, we haven't had a problem for several months.

Excuse me while I go knock on wood.

LOVE your new blog design!!

"J" said...

I deal with the phone company allllllllllllll day long with what I do....
I feel for you!!! They do suck rocks!!! lol =)

I have some #'s for Verizon but it is Texas Verizon...let me know if this will help...if so I will send it your way!

Anonymous said...

Got cable TV? You can get your phone that way these days. Got internet access? Consider voice over IP. Worried about reliability? Most VOIP services roll your calls to your cell phone automatically if your service goes out.

Erika said...

I was just going to comment on how remarkable it is that Verizon has a monopoly everywhere, but I should have known you are in the DC area like us. I can't stand the phone or cable situation here. It can't be like this everywhere, right?? I just ordered some Vonage equipment...a little nervous about it but I'm tired of paying Verizon $40 for a phone we don't use. We still have Verizon cell phones...grr...luckily I've had good service with the wireless division.