Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It just makes me smile

Do you have an item of clothes or jewelry that every time you put it on, it makes you smile? There are some clothes I wear, that I just LOVE.

For example, my zebra print short trenchcoat. LOVE IT! Seriously. Every time I put it on, it makes me happy. Same with my pink suede fake-crocodile shoes. I mean, why on earth does one need pink suede fake-croc shoes??!! Because I love them, and they make me happy. I also have these bead rings that I love. When I wear them, they make me giggle.

I am sure that Oprah or the like would tell me I should only buy/wear clothes that make me feel like that. And that would be great. But thus far I can't say I can do that. But I do have some pieces that work. What do you wear that makes you happy?


Misty said...

if everything you owned made you feel like that, though, wouldn't it cheapen the feeling? Just a thought.

Lil Mouse said...

i always feel great in a great dress. i finally have another one after a long time. and being able to match my jewelry and such all together is fun as well!

Nerd Girl said...

My winter coat! I love it and actually look forward to cooler temps so I can wear it.

Senior Mom said...

Yup, 4 of 'em. 1. 2 fleece lined sweat jackets that button down the front, 1 with a black kitty embroidered on the pocket. 3 a stretch silver bracelet made up of thumb prints of my grand children and 4. a 1934 red squirrel fur jacket that belonged to my husband's aunt, a gift to wear on her graduation trip to Europe. It feels warm and oh so elegant!