Friday, June 13, 2008

100 Things About Me

So it is blogging tradition to post 100 things about you when you make your 100th post. I did not even notice when I made my 100th post way back here. So now, as my 200th post, I will post 100 things about me. I don't think I'm close to deep enough to have 200 things about me.

1. I have been married for almost 12 years.

2. I am allergic to nearly all living things - animals, plants, flowers, etc. Even formerly living like fur coats!

3. I have only lived in 6 places in my life - and 2 of them were dorm rooms.

4. I LOVE 80s music. I can't tell you how many times I have seen Huey Lewis and the News in concert (and the most recent time was like 2 years ago!!!)

5. Despite having been addicted to Diet Coke for much of my teens and all of my twenties, I haven't drunk caffeine for 7 years (except for the occasional caffeinated root beer and tea at Chinese food restaurants).

6. I wear a size 8.5 wide shoe.

7. I lost nearly 70 pounds in 2000 in preparation of trying to get pregnant with #1.

8. I am working on losing that same 70 lbs now!

9. Despite being from an Irish Catholic family, I do not have any first cousins.

10. I have only one brother and no sisters.

11. My mother was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 4...and lived with it for over 58 years!

12. Although I have had a cell phone since the late 90s, I am only on my third actual phone.

13. Purple is my favorite color.

14. I love polka dots.

15. I am a really good parallel parker.

16. My favorite movie is Ever After with Drew Barrymore.

17. My favorite number is 17.

18. I am an Amazing Race fanatic!

19. I have only lived in two states - and both are Commonwealths.

20. Despite never had any gynecological issues, I experienced infertility with my 2 daughters.

21. I have mild asthma.

22. I love nuts, but am severely allergic to pine nuts - but no other tree nuts.

23. I broke lots of bones as a kid, but never had stitches until I was in my thirties.

24. I never ran a day in my life before last year, and now I run 3x a week.

25. Big Man was a completely unplanned (un-medicated, unexpected) miracle. And is weirdly spaced equally with his sisters (26 months behind #2, who is 26 months behind #1).

26. My favorite winter drink is hot chocolate with Bailey's.

27. I wear high heels nearly all the time- ever since I was in high school.

28. I used to do stained glass.

29. I kill all plants.

30. I have only owned 3 cars in my life and two of those I have currently.

31. My friends used to call me the "cruise director"

32. I have worn contact lenses virtually every day since the 10th grade.

33. I have been in 10 weddings, not counting my own.

34. As a kid, I took lessons in piano, guitar, violin, trumpet and french horn.

35. I am a Boston Red Sox fan.

36. I have season tickets to the Washington Nationals.

37. I made nearly everything for my wedding - my veil (with the help of my MIL), my shoes, the invitations, the favors, the centerpieces, and the programs.

39. I love magazines.

40. I used to sing alto in high school and college.

41. I'm a Delta Gamma (yes I ama)

42. I had a 4.0 in graduate school (after like a 2.75 in undergrad).

43. I miss Cape Cod summers.

44. I'm a little addicted to Purell.

45. I am seriously addicted to chocolate.

46. I love Cool Whip.

47. I love all fruits - except I'm not crazy about oranges.

48. I was a radio DJ in college.

49. I once operated a studio camera for CNN.

50. I know how to Chisanbop.

51. I once worked as a lifeguard.

52. I love playing card games.

53. I love board games.

54. When I was a kid I would roller skate every day on my paper route.

55. I once bought 25 cents worth of gas.

56. I make an awesome blueberry pie.

57. My eyes are a cool light blue color.

58. When I am pregnant, my blood pressure goes down.

59. I make a great appetizer that involves kielbasa and Kahlua (actually that is the recipe) - and it is soo good.

60. I can't draw or paint to save my life.

61. My mom died only 4 days after the birth of my second child.

62. I really really really wanted to get married outside, but chickened out.

62. I can't speak foreign languages - i have taken lessons in French, Spanish and Japanese but I really suck at them.

63. I love Chinese food.

64. When I was pregnant with #1, the only thing that could keep me from throwing up was Orange Juice - which I used to hate.

65. I am a really fast reader.

66. I am a wimp when it comes to spicy foods.

67. I used to knit. I miss it.

68. I am very crafty.

69. I have no willpower over ice cream (unless it is plain vanilla or a gross flavor like mint chocolate chip).

70. I don't like mushrooms - but love Veal Marsala (i pick the mushrooms out).

71. A giant beefsteak tomato with salt (and maybe some balsamic vinegar) makes an awesome summer lunch.

72. My hands are made of asbestos - actually probably my whole body. I take really hot showers, and have been known to touch hot pans straight from the oven.

73. I used to bite my fingernails. Now I peel them.

74. My eyes are REALLY sensitive to light. Going in the sun without sun glasses really hurts.

75. I have really high arches in my feet.

76. I scare some people with my driving.

77. I like peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (although I haven't had one in probably 10 years!)

78. My DH taught me to drive a stick shift. My MIL was afraid we would break up over it, but it was fine.

79. I have ridden a segway.

80. I love scented candles and candlelight.

81. Prior to this year, I hadn't been to a dentist in more than 10 years!

82. I have ridden in a glider plane...way up high...and was TERRIFIED.

83. I love roller coasters - but more the old-fashioned ones than the crazy death-defying ones now out there!

84. I love a crackling fire.

85. I don't have my tonsils anymore, but I still have my appendix.

86. I love to drink water - I probably have more than 65 oz per day.

87. I used to know how to program in Basic.

88. All my kids have the same middle name (my maiden name).

89. Someday I really really want to own a house on the water (or close to the water).

90. I have taken a bartending course and worked as a bartender for over a year.

91. My blood is type O-negative, and I try to donate whenever I can.

92. I was a music/drama geek in high school.

93. I never rode a bus to school. I was a "walker" for elementary, jr high, and high school.

94. I applied to something like 9 colleges, and my parents sent in a deposit to 2 different universities before I decided where I would go.

95. I used to be prone to migraines, now I only get them occasionally (thank God!)

96. I am a sucker for cute office supplies.

97. I used to remove my own braces with pliers.

98. I refused to drink beer in college - only fruity liquor drinks and those awful 2-liter bottles of wine coolers!

99. I am a bit of a television addict. I blame my parents, up through high school I could only watch 1 hour a day of tv (even on weekends!)

100. I found it very hard to come up with 100 things about me!


Laura said...

OK...are we related??? Or could be BBF?!?!?

My list would include the following for sure:

Thanks for sharing!

Happy 200TH!

kawaii crafter said...

Enjoyed reading your 100 things about you. I love the movie Ever After too.

Mordermi said...

After haivng been married to you for nearly 12 years (plus the 2-yr courting period), I was only surprised by 7 of those.

#27 - I know you wear high heels a lot, but didn't realize that was pretty much what you wore when not wearing sandals or crocs.

#34 - didn't know about the violin or guitar, but knew the other 3 instruments.

#50 - you had to explain Chisanbop on the car ride home Friday. I'm still not sure I get it. :-)

#55 - You'll have to tell me when you bought $.25 of gas...had to be in HS or college.

#77 - peanut butter and bacon? Well, at least you're my wacko...<3

#87 - given the geek I am, I'm surprised I didn't know this.

#96 - What do you mean by "cute office supplies"?

Hmm...didn't know 6.5 things (I'm counting #34 as a half, since I knew 3 of 5 instruments) I knew 93.5%...not bad, I'll take it!

ktjrdn said...

I've always wanted to do one of these, but never actually written any of them down. I love reading these.

Jennifer said...

OH I did my 100 list on Friday too!!! Congrats on your 100th post!!

Jennifer said...

opps, Happy 200th!!

Laura said...

PS - I posted the salad recipes at my blog - hope you enjoy them!

Teff said...

Wow, that is one crazy list. I don't know if I could think of 100 things...I'm sure my boyfriend could for me though, he always picks up on strange things about me ... ha ha.

Definitely enjoyed reading it though :) I don't know if I could go up high on a glider...oh boy...ha ha. I can barely stand the ferris wheel!

Julie said...

what is Chisanbop?

leigh said...

2. I am allergic to nearly all living things - animals, plants, flowers, etc. Even formerly living like fur coats!

Yuck! although I might have that beat. I'm allergic to b12 and progesterone

oh and GO RED SOX!!!