Monday, June 9, 2008

Four and Fabulous

It is B's birthday today. What can I say? She is so incredible. Funny, sweet, so articulate, stubborn, smart, goofy, gorgeous. As my MIL says, "with three kids someone has to be the middle child, but it sure isn't going to be her!" She amazes me every day. She loves to talk (and does so CONSTANTLY), and even when she has misbehaved, is very practical about it - "Mommy, I had to miss having ice cream because I wasn't a good listener. I hope I listen better next time." (preceeded by a 30 minute screaming/crying fit, but at least she gets it!) She is also very photogenic, as you can see! Happy Birthday, big girl!


Dan & Duffy said...

Birthday hugs to everyone. So sorry about the strep - I hope the 3 of you without strep stay healthy and surely everyone at the dr's office knew that just by going they were exposing themselves to cooties.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!!

Senior Lady said...

Someone I know and love just turned 4 and also was covered in a red itchy rash. We spent the day together as Day Care made it clear she wasn't welcome yet and her parents need to keep paying the mortgage. It was her actual birthday;parties had occured on the weekend and we were up to our noses in new dresses and toys. I asked her how she liked being 4, so far. "I like it", she said. Is it really different than being 3"?, I went on. "Oh, yes, definitely", she replied. (She knows more 5 sylable words than most NBA and NFL players.) "How is it different?" I asked. "I didn't have "rashies" when I was 3". She;s quite right; the day before her birthday, there wasn't a spot on her anywhere.