Tuesday, June 17, 2008

People Watching

It's pool time! We have been going to the pool the last few weeks. We all have a great time. It is so nice, that for the first time, I actually feel I get to relax a bit at the pool. K is a good swimmer and is fine on her own (I make sure I can still see her!). B is getting much better. She wears a life jacket or has a noodle, but she putters around by herself (with us nearby). Obviously, one of us still has to hold onto Big Man, but it is great to not have everyone hanging on us all the time! It's actually been lots of fun for all of us.

Yesterday was so funny. We had only been in the pool for about 10-15 minutes, when Big Man started repeating "done, done, done". I brought him to the side of the pool and he hopped out. So I got out and wrapped him in a towel. He then sat down on a pool lounger and sat there for the next 35 minutes. He was so funny. I went back in the pool and he just watched what was going on around him.

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