Monday, June 9, 2008

Typhoid Family

So we had two parties this weekend for B's birthday (which is tomorrow). This morning I brought B and Big Man to the Dr and both were diagnosed with strep throat. In my defense - they didn't have symptoms!!! Sam just woke up this morning with a 101-degree fever. B has yet to have a fever, but did have a rash on her torso that we assumed was due to either the heat, suntan lotion, or the pool. Apparently, no. They both have strep and we exposed nearly everyone we know to them. Including two pregnant women and a 7-week old infant. Oh yea, we are that family. Can't wait til K gets it.

Big Man also has an ear infection, and apparently the constant draining of his ears (with the tubes) is not normal. He is now on drop 2x a day and has to go back to the dr every two weeks until it stops. Oh yay.


Teff said...

Oh! Sounds rough :( Hope your family feels better soon.

Definitely know how it is to be "that" family that infects everyone else. We tend to have that happen too.

Not as often anymore, but I know the feeling :)

Hope they all feel better and back to themselves soon :D

Amy W said...

Staying far, far away from you....:)

Jennifer said...

I hope everyone is starting to feel better