Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Did you watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee last weekend? I am a total bee-geek. It is the best reality television going. Those kids are so cute - and they all have their own little stories. I love watching their little idiosyncrasies and nervous tics and tells. There was this one girl - I think she was from Chicago - and when she knew the word she would totally light up and practically start jumping and would be breathing really heavy. It was so sad when I saw the first word she didn't know and she got it wrong. You could so tell she had no idea.

And the two boys that were the final two - they were so great. Both so composed, but the kid who won was also really funny. He got a word at one point- "numnah" - like I have any idea what the heck that is - but he thought it was "numbnut" - so did the whole audience - and he was like "WHAT???!!" and then COMPLETELY relieved to discover the word is "numnah" - he actually said, "well, that's a relief". Cuz, you know, numnah is easy to spell. (for the record it is some kind of sheepskin pad or something) The words that they get in the last few rounds are not only difficult to spell - they are beyond SAT words. They are impossible things I have never even heard of, much less could begin to spell. I just love watching it - they are all so impressive!

(ok, for the record, Blogger is convinced that numnah is not a word - see! they spell impossible things!)


Mordermi said...

The funny part about the "numnah" incident, was the fact that the announcer said the word...then about 3-5 seconds go by before the audience starts chuckling. At this point, the kid just looks confused...then about 3-5 seconds more go by and then he's got this look like "oh, no...it can't be *that* word, could it?"...so he asks for the word to be repeated and it's said more clearly this time so that he knows it's not "numbnut" or something like it and the smile of relief spreads. I think he was momentarily worried abotu getting in trouble for having to say a "bad word" in public. :-)

Teff said...

Oh, that's funny :)