Friday, January 16, 2009

On My Way to Mickey

So I am off to a work gig in Orlando, FL. The best part is my GF Kathy is coming with me so we can go to Disney World and celebrate our birthdays!!! We go down tonight and hit an awesome Orlando restaurant. Then tomorrow I have to give 2 seminars. I am done by 3:30 and then we HIT THE PARKS!!! We go Friday for Kathy's bday and Saturday for mine. Fly out Saturday night.

We are staying at Port Orleans, French Quarter, and I am interested to see how it is. We plan to hit Magic Kingdom Friday and Disney Hollywood Studios Saturday.

Wasn't going to tell the kids, but I did. Promised to bring back fun stuff. Will definitely be stopping by Once Upon a Toy to get the My Little Pony stuff for the girls. Big Man will probably get some kind of Mickey toy. B specifically asked for cotton candy.

Can't wait to ride the roller coasters and such over and over again! YAYYYY!

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Mordermi said...

And DH gets something too, right? For not killing our lovely children while you ride the coasters and have the fun? :-)