Friday, January 9, 2009

We Got the Beat

So we got Rock Band for Christmas. I also made a cd of some of the songs that I knew were in the game that we have been playing in the car constantly so the kids learn the words. The girls can now sing Volcano (although they call it "i don't know"), Livin' on a Prayer, Hungry Like a Wolf, and several others. B can identify all of them when they start on the cd. It is actuallyhysterical to hear them singing these types of songs - cracks me up every time!

Their favorite is definitely We Got the Beat. Now whenever we get in the car, Big Man starts yelling "we got beat! we got beat!" - he wants to hear it all the time. He even played drums the other night when we were playing the game. I was playing guitar and was trying to help him by telling him which drum (they are colored) he should hit. I would say "yellow" - he would say, "no red". He scored a 7% on his best time out. But hey - maybe we can get him singing We Got the Beat soon!

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Lil Mouse said...

we packed our nieces and nephews brand new mp3 players (good lord that was expensive) with some of our favorite songs. every one of them found 'baby got back' and was singing it. also the barbie girl song. god forbid they find johnny cash or billy joel and sing that..