Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine Day Gift Ideas

So if you are looking for something to get your wife/girlfriend/partner for Valentine's day - I have the perfect thing. I don't know if any husbands (other than my DH) read this blog, but here we are. I already have this, so DH is off the hook. But ladies - buying it for yourself works too!

Mommy Tags (well that is what I call them)- these are great necklaces with the names of your kids on them. Love mine, wear it alot, and very reasonably priced. Hop on over to Lisa Leonard.

Another great one are these - I LOVE these. They are really cute necklaces, and my girls love em. Got them new ones for Valentine's day. Also got them for many little girls I know - so if I know you IRL, check with me before you buy! These are DIRT CHEAP too, and so CUTE! visit the girlie shop at

That's what I got for now!


emily said...

I ordered five of those necklaces for the girls and my nieces! Thanks for the tip!!

Jasper said...

Wow!! Those necklaces are looking so cute... This kind of stuff is best for Valentines Day...