Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ahhh....the beach!

Okay, so it wasn't exactly relaxing, but it was fun. We went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. First, the trip there and back was awesome. We went on a Sunday and came back on Wednesday - great days to avoid traffic. We also planned it so we were driving right during nap time. All three kids slept for all but 20 minutes of the drive up, and 40 minutes of the drive back. SWEET! Second, we had a great hotel. We stayed in the Avenue Inn, and I highly recommend it. Free breakfast, happy hour daily, and nightly chocolate chip cookies included! They also had laundry machines on premises, and a cool indoor/outdoor pool. It was all indoors, but had big sliding doors open to a rooftop patio. Perfect for enjoying the weather with no sun exposure!!! The customer service was fantastic - they drove us in a golf cart the 2 1/2 blocks to the ocean to help us cart all our crap. AMAZING!

I had never been to RB except for just walking around for a few hours. It is SOOO kid-friendly. No packs of rowdy teenagers, lots of lifeguards, and plenty of police presence. The beach is really nice - the girls LOVED it. Big Man, not so much. He was ok with the sand, as long as he didn't have to see, hear, or know the ocean was there. He REALLY did not like it. In his defense, they were red-flag no swimming days the whole time we were there, and there was a lot of surf and wave-crashing action. But he HATED it. Would become hysterical when he could see the ocean. The girls loved playing in the surf, building sand castles, and digging for crabs.

There is also this great place called FunLand. It is a little cheesy amusement park - but perfect for little kids. And it is CHEAP. We spent a total of $40 on ride tickets the whole 4 days we were there, and we let the kids go on anything they wanted. The littlest rides (perfect for Big Man) were 1 ticket (which worked out to be something like 18 cents)!!! He LOVED it. All three of them did. We did kill another $10 or so winning them race horses in a skee-ball type game.

We also rented bikes, flew a kite on the beach, and ate lots of really bad-for-you food. All in all, a great time! Will definitely do it again.


ShannanB said...

Brillant move on the nap coordination! I love vacations like that. It sounds soooo relaxing. I almost feel bad for welcoming you back.

Anastasia said...

That sounds SO perfect. And seriously congrats on coordinating the naps of THREE kids...if I can do it with the two of mine, I do a little dance in my seat. We've been wanting to do something like that with the kids but no clue where to go! Would you recommend for little kids too (3 and 1 1/2)?

Wife and Mommy said...

We were at Rehoboth the last week of June! We go every year Sunday to Friday (as former shareholders in a house, we're entitled to rent an exclusive week each summer). The kids loved FunLand, and you're right--good cheap fun!

Did you get chocolate croissants at Lingo's? Did you find Crabber's Cove in Dewey (family friendly place that opens to the bay)? Did you ride one of those cheesy car-like bicycles?

Our three kids also had a great time, and are wistful that we're not still there. So am I.

pixie4bears said...

Pefect coordination with the nap. Glad you had fun!

Anastasia said...

OK, now after reading about the chocolate croissants and the second endorsement of FunLand I have got to make plans to take the kids to Rehoboth!!

Any advice on first timers, let me know!

Julie said...

Funland is great - we hit it up every year - usually the day we leave. We let the kids ride rides, play games, and generally get wiped out before driving home. Guaranteed quiet ride home! : )

ktjrdn said...

That is awesome that they all slept! And the vacation sounds just perfect.