Friday, July 11, 2008

Its More Than Just Camp

So K is at day camp this summer. We decided to send her to the just-have-fun and be a kid kind of camp as opposed to educational or sport-oriented or any other kind of camp. This is camp where they do crafts and go to the pool and run around. She is loving it.

But the first week, I was totally surprised (and pleased) by what was going on. I have mentioned before that K is good at math. Well, at her first week of camp they had one section of the day called "train your brain" and they could chose what kind of activity to do. K, of course, picked math. The worksheet they gave her had addition in columns like this:

We have tried to teach K addition in columns like this, but she never understood the whole carrying concept. They weren't doing this in Kindergarten, so we didn't spend much time on it at home. But in one day at camp they explained it to her and she can add huge numbers now. Basically all they did was draw a line down the center of the numbers, separating the columns. Somehow that made it click for her. She can even do 3-4 digit numbers now! She is so excited, and so am I.
Who knew that even fun camp can be educational!


pixie4bears said...

That sounds like a great camp. Your girl is a smartie! I hope she has a blast the rest of the time.

ShannanB said...

Wow. I am so impressed that they are teaching (successfully) math at camp. That is great!