Sunday, July 13, 2008

My New Bike!

For our anniversary this year, DH and I decided to get each other new bikes. The Toys-R-Us ones we bought about 10 years ago just weren't cutting it any more. Leaving them out in the snow/rain for 10 years didn't help either. Now that we have a shed, we decided to get new ones.

Here is mine. I just love it. An awesome pink bike with white-wall tires. It totally looks like something I would cruise around Cape Cod with (if I could get to cape cod). I just need to add a basket or something, and I am set.
Should be perfect for family bike rides.


Laura said...

we love family bike day! Enjoy your new pink bike!

pixie4bears said...

She is snazzy! She needs a name! :-P Enjoy the bike rides.

ShannanB said...

OOOOH. I love it. I love the pink and the cute retro look.

The hubs and I bought bikes last year too. We love taking the boys riding at the park.

Congrats on the buy.